Advent Begins!

The message of Advent is that since the time of the garden, God has been on a rescue mission. The Bible is the Gospel story of God pursuing us. He did not stop after man sinned and was cast out of the garden. He pursued Noah and saved his family. He did not stop with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or David. He is faithful and does not stop pursuing you when you become a Lutheran. Even when you daily chose sin and your own idols over him, or when you doubt his faithfulness, God is there calling you by name. He does not stop pursuing you if you are marginal in your faith, or if you hide your sin behind your outward works or disguise an empty heart of worship. Simply, he pursues you because he chose you. These candles can remind us of the covenant God has made with us and the promise of his faithfulness. (from

THE WREATH: The wreath itself is a circle. It begins and ends with the love of God for all humanity.

Candle One at Holy Trinity: We are using a liturgy from LEAD this year so the first candle is about hope: for the future, for a present lived fully.

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